Product: Salesenvy

Launch Date: 2016 – 03 –10

Launch Time: 11:00 EST

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Price: $197

Niche: Software



It goes without saying that mobile devices are playing a vital role in our live. Therefore, a number of communication software have been created to meet an increasing demand of users for communication at a reasonable price. You can name Viber, Skype, Facebook, Zalo, and so on. Of these products, Skype is considered and chose as the most popular tool for communication. Having known for its integration with Skype, SalesEnvy can totally meet increasing needs of businessman for business operations. Let’s read through this SalesEnvy review to gain an in-depth understanding of how this product can be your good choice. Vendor: Mark Thompson



Without a doubt, Skype is known as one of the most effective communication software with high-quality connection ability on the Internet. This is because this product pay more attention to text and voice chat, and can work smoothly on a great number of platform like MacOS, Windows or mobiles. In order to satisfy an increasing number of users around the world, SalesEnvy, one of the latest APIs, has been integrated in Skype to help software developer keep building on Skype basis.

As earlier mentioned, this user-friendly and easy-to-use software can run on not only MacOS but also Windows. Actually, SalesEnvy helps you do many things easily such as  making high quality calls thanks to protocol calls over VoIP, call recording notes, scheduling appointments, supporting automatic dialing.


1. Offering service calls over VoIP

Being known as one of the most popular protocol in media and communication, VoIP can can run smoothly on mechanism of signal transmission in the network. In this way, you can reduce as much external noise as possible in prior thanks to its audio processing filter before receiving and delivering function.

This SalesEnvy’s feature allow you to make phone calls in unlimited time with just $3  per month. I highly recommend you to take advantage of this feature as a phone contacts to help save time search for people you want to make a call to based on keyword suggestions.

2. Automatic dialing and call recording

If you are working in the field of human resources management or marketing, it’s quite common for you to make many calls to many people on a daily basis. In each phone call conversation, you deliver a different message to listener. Picture this! The more people you have to call, the more time you have to spend on each call dialing. That’s why, Sales Envy gives you a solution – an automatic dial function. In addition to automatic dialing, you can be provided with Call Recording which help you record phone call conversation, and then you can know how to enhance the quality of customer service.

3. Constructing auto-responder switchboard

If there are a lot of branches and departments in your company, it is definitely necessary to build an operator to automatically respond to customer’s questions. However, it costs you a lot of money to install it.  SalesEnvy offer you cheaper option with the same quality of strong connection.

Depending on the structure of your company and how many departments/branches, you can construct scenarios. In addition, you have to install a device to SalesEnvy.

4. Scheduling appointments and reminders

If you were a secretary, a part of your job is to schedule appointments. In order to reduce your work load, SalesEnvy allows you make your own daily agenda to take note of when you have an appointment. If you are scheduled to have an appointment, this software can send you a notification. Besides, you can edit your note and make use of reminder function.

5. Managing Process sales

So far, you have discovered many interesting features, please keep reading to identify this feature which help you manage the process of your sales. Particularly, it helps you keep track of the process and notify you of whether your products are available or not. Detailed graphs on the statistics can be given to you. Therefore, I highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to start your own business.



To be honest, I was looking for a product with distinctive features like SalesEnvy at this time 2 years ago. And when I found this product, there were no words which can describe my happiness.  I started my own business and used skype as a main internal communication tool. I hope that this SalesEnvy review give you enough information, so you can make wise buying decision for your business.
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